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September 9th Ed and Courtney Swan Hosted Run - 13.1 Miles

Courtney and Edward Swan host the running club from 519 South Ridge Rd at 6:30 A.M. The route begins heading west on South Ridge, then south on S Lake Rd where you turn left. Turn left on Twin Gum and follow it to Bethel Rd where you turn right. From Bethel, take the next right on Rieves Rd, then left on St. Mark Dr. Follow St. Mark approx. 2 1/4 miles to reach Highway 25 and turn right. Exit 25 right on Old Hwy 25 and then turn right at McGee Rd. This will return you to St Mark in approx. 2 1/2 miles. Take a left on St. Mark and continue on Williams Rd to Echols where you turn right. Next, take a left on Bent Tree to S. Ridge and home. This route can be shortened by taking McGee directly to Old Hwy 25.

Walkers may want to use the 4.3 mile route .
Submitted by Jim Harden

Map of This Week's Route

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Nutrition Corner

Old Dog, New Tricks

My first marathon was in 1995. Twenty years and 30,000 miles later, I thought my running days might be over. Achilles issues and a bone spur brought my running to a halt and surgery seemed likely. As with many things is life, adversity provided an opportunity and motivation to learn something new about a subject I thought I knew almost everything. My biggest regret is that I did not learn these running techniques, sooner. With a hesitance to make technical recommendations to another runner, these techniques are shared because they were significant to being able to continue something very important to me.

The transition from a heel to a forefoot striker. I learned how to do this using information available on Chi and Pose running styles. YouTube was a great source.

The use of better breathing techniques. This link provides information on 3-2 breathing.

Submitted by Jim Harden

Top Pre- and Post-Workout Meals and Snacks By: Christopher D. Jensen, PhD, MPH, RD Nutrition & Epidemiology Researcher Exercise is a great way to stay fit, but what your clients eat before and after workouts also impacts fitness. In fact, these meals and snacks can make a difference in the quality of workouts and the resulting benefits obtained. What to Eat and When Before exercise Meals: Recommend to your athletes that they eat about 24 hours before they start huffing and puffing. Carbs to top off muscle fuel reserves, and some lean protein, should top the menu. Steer them clear of slower-to-digest, fatty foods and foods with higher fiber levels just before exercise. Snacks: If all that can be reasonably mustered is a snack before the sweating starts, recommend that it be high in easily digested carbs; time it for about an hour before the session begins. After exercise Push carbs to restore muscle fuel reserves, and some protein to help in the repair and building of muscle tissue. This is no time for dilly-dallying eating for recovery should begin within 30 minutes of finishing a workout. Also stress the gradual replenishment of fluids and sodium lost from sweating. Meal time is fuel time Emphasize to your clients that the meal or snack before exercise is what's going to power their workout. Think: quality in, quality out. If they're slamming down a donut and guzzling an energy drink for breakfast, or zipping in for a high-fat, fast-food meal pre-exercise, chances are good that the quality of the workout won't be high. The following are meal and snack options for better performance. Share this list with your clients so that they can make wiser decisions when it comes to their sports nutrition. For the rest of the article, go to: Posted by: Kelly White

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