"We moved to Starkville in August 2003. Just one week after our arrival, my husband heard about the running group and immediately joined them. I heard from him about how friendly the group was, so I decided to join them. Being new in town we were happy to spend the Saturday morning with people that had so much to offer. Not only do we enjoy running together, but we like their company.

In my first year in Starkville I did not run much with the group as I was working in a different town and I got pregnant. I started running with the group last August, just one month after I had my baby boy. I had run before getting pregnant for about 5 years, but I never had exceeded 6 miles. I had run with other groups, but I was so slow I could not keep up, and very often I felt as if I was running on my own.

What encouraged me to add few extra miles each week when running with this group was that I always had someone running with me. The group has so many runners, that you always can find someone of your pace. In addition, every three miles we take water breaks and wait for everyone. You feel you are part of the group. This encouraged me to try to keep up, and finish the run all together

Now, just 5 months from the day I started, I can run 14-15 miles. Most importantly, I feel good about it. I am not overwhelmed; on the contrary I enjoy the runs. I plan to run the “Frostbite” half marathon this January and I am training to run the “Country Music Marathon” in Nashville this coming April." -- Sandra Eksioglu

"As a new runner training for my first marathon, I was feeling overwhelmed as my long training run distances increased. Although I knew about the Saturday morning running group, I was reluctant to join because I was so slow and inexperienced (not to mention overweight!). Finally one Saturday morning I mustered up the courage to go. I found in the group exactly what I needed - encouragement, advice, camaraderie, and inspiration. As a new runner, perhaps the greatest benefit I received from the group was acceptance. Just spending time with this experienced and friendly group of individuals made me feel like a "real" runner. Looking back, I don't know how I could have achieved my goal of completing the 2004 Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC without the help provided by the group. Anyone seeking to strengthen their commitment to running, looking to increase their distance, training for an endurance race, or just hoping to make running more fun will find the Saturday morning running group to be a tremendous help. No matter your pace or how far you go, you will enjoy the full benefits of running with a great group of folks who are share the desire to get out there and run! " -- Rex Buffington

"I was so nervous about going out to run with the group. I had never really run more than a 10K and though I enjoyed running, I just never took it seriously enough to increase my distance. I had very poor form and felt like I ran about a turtle's pace. So I was definitely intimitated by the idea of running with a group of serious runners. But my first time I out, I made it 7 miles and worked my way up to 14.5. The group is so friendly and really encouraging. Some of the runners have helped me improve my form and I have even have improved my time. I still hang in the back but I usually have someone to run with and definitely do not feel intimitated anymore. It is a lot of fun to be out running in the country and it has been really great to meet new people. There is never any pressure to make the long distances, some weeks I can only do 6 miles and some weeks I feel like I could do 12 or 13. I would strongly encourage others to come out and give it a try!" -- Karen Eggert
  • I am a total beginner. How/When do I get started?
    Simply get out there and "do it". If you feel that beginning with a certain distance to run is too daunting, begin with a run/walk program. Perhaps switching off in half mile segments would work. As you get fitter, you can decrease the walk distance and increase the run distance until you don't feel the need to walk anymore. Be sure to begin with run-specific shoes, not walking shoes, cross-training shoes, tennis shoes, etc. Also, it is a good idea to designate these specific shoes to running only. In other words, don't wear them with your jeans, to the gym to lift weights or out to walk the dogs.
  • Do I have to be a "member" of the group to participate?
    Heavens no! We have no membership dues, no bylaws, and only unofficial, informal club officers. We are happy to have anyone who cares to show up to run with us. You can come once a week, once a month, or whenever you are in town.
  • Should I wait until I am fitter to come out?
    No, you should not wait. There is no test of fitness other than what you impose upon yourself. We make a genuine effort to welcome anyone who cares to join us. Our group is large enough that the pace varies greatly. Furthermore, the needs of the individuals vary greatly, too. Some people might be marathon training and need very long routes on any given Saturday. Others might be very new to running and unable to complete more than a few miles. We endeavor to be sensitive to everyone's needs.
  • What sort of people are members?
    The individuals in our group range in age from 18-72, currently. We don't have an uppper nor a lower age limit. We obviously have students, both high school and university, and adults. We have young parents and parents of teenagers and parents of adults who also run. The group is also quite diverse in nationality, too. We have quite a few Turkish runners right now along with a South African, an Albanian, and an Iranian. We have, in the past, enjoyed the company of an Australian, a Brit, and people from various other countries. The group is fascinating in its diversity. So, no one would ever be excluded for being different.
  • Where are good places to run in the area?
    There are many good places to run, depending on your choice of surface/scenery. The southern and eastern areas of Oktibbeha county offer really nice scenery with some gravel and some black-top roads. On University property, there are the North Farm and the South Farm ( both gravel), which are scenic and offer a break from traffic. Our website outlines some of our favorite routes, also.
  • How can I contact some runners around here?
    Jim Harden: webmaster, 662 701-5814
    These people can help you contact others if you are looking for a training partner.

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