See THIS WEEK for Hosted Run Information

Monthly Hosting

Runners have proposed volunteering to host once or twice a year with the goal of continuing monthly runs in the Whites' tradition. To support this goal over a trial 6-month period (January - June) this site will be available for registering, coordinating, and posting monthly run information, including maps. Both groups and individuals are encouraged to host at homes or public locations.

To register email with the following information:

1. Host or hosts (optionally including contact information)

2. Address

3. Date(s). To allow a fairly regular interval, 2nd or 3rd Saturdays are suggested.

4. Route description and water stop information (can be supplied, later).

A gmaps-pedometer map will be generated and posted with the "this week" run description on the weeks when hosted runs are available and a calendar showing future monthly group runs will be posted on the website, as well.

Also,check the Facebook page Starkville Area Runners and Walkers for local running opportunities.

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